Historical Fiction

Why Historical Fiction?

I AM BOTH AN AUTHOR AND A READER OF HISTORICAL FICTION.  Reading tastes and preferences are shaped by many things; our personalities, early life experiences, motivational drives, and also more mature adult choices, our education, life and work experience, and so on....

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IVANHOE – The Dawn Of Historical Fiction

Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe marked the beginning of what we now call ‘historical fiction’ First published in 1820 In three volumes (subtitled A Romance), Ivanhoe was an instant success. The entire first printing of 10,000 copies sold out in less than two weeks. In...

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Authors of Historical Fiction I Recommend

‘Success rests on an effective combination of historical accuracy, breathing life into history, dramatic plots, emotional engagement, accessible writing and food for thought. The top 10 historical fiction authors have mastered each of these ingredients.’   The...

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